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Welcome to Cilo Consulting

Cilo Consulting is a consultancy firm that delivers customised professional services to clients in the areas of strategy, people management and institutional reform in the region. As process facilitators and content advisors, we package solutions that enhance the value of client organisations.

Although recently established, Cilo Consulting comprises of a capable team of in-house and part-time, business, human resource and communications specialists with experience in strategic planning, institutional reform, process facilitation, exploratory and descriptive research, communications and customer relations management strategies.

The consultancy has links with local and international expertise and is therefore able to provide a comprehensive service and a lasting solution using specialised consultants. The organisation is a member of the Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce.


When many African countries, including Swaziland, emerged from colonial era we inherited public institutions. These institutions were designed for a specific purpose and did not stand the test of time. Gradually they were replaced with new African institutions, many of them with a promise to deliver public goods and services. To a large extent this has not matched the needs expressed by the ordinary citizens. Even the private sector institutions had great challenges to be competitive in a global trading environment, hence the need to re-strategise. The non-profit sector was initially supported by significant donor “support” and now that support is in decline. It is therefore imperative that these organizations, often with worthwhile mandates, revisit their purpose in the context of sustainability.