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Welcome to Cilo Consulting

Once upon a time there was a competition for all the birds. The competition was for them to fly to the highest point in the universe. There were different birds, small and large. Cilo (Ncedze) designed a strategy to win. Being a small bird Cilo could have been swept away in the high winds, so hiding under the wings of a large bird she soared with the big bird which flew fast and high and outpaced the others. However, before it reached the highest point, the big bird got tired and then fell behind. Just on time, Cilo jumped out, full of energy, and completed the race. Needless to say Cilo won much to the amazement of all spectators.

Our Vision:

Our Mission:
To facilitate the alignment of organizations with their dynamic environments, both internal and external, and deliver tangible value to our clients.

Our Core business:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • organisational development
  • People Development
  • Performance management